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Blockchain-Based Platform for the Physical Trade of Commodities

The technology that underlies cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, blockchain, is already disrupting many industries.

ChainTrade is using blockchain in order to improve the trade of commodities and raw materials.

“Banks and traders are experimenting with the technology behind bitcoin in an effort

to solve longstanding problems in the trading of physical commodities”

In most parts of the world, the import and export of commodities is often:


In certain markets the counterparty risk are unavoidable for both the buyer and the seller


Settlement costs of International trade (payment, execution, regulatory, and cross-border fees) are expensive


Only major players, those who are able to mitigate risks, survive, resulting in a never-ending concentration process

How to bring more efficiency, transparency and security in the physical trade of commodities?

By digitizing the global trade of commodities on multiple distributed ledgers

ChainTrade moves trade of commodities and raw materials to permissioned blockchains, promotes the fairness of transactions, simplifies trade process through an efficient mechanism to share information between counterparties.

Our Vision

Modernizing OTC Forward Contracts, Disrupting Trade Finance, Tokenizing Commodities

Reinventing the Forward Contract through the “Technology of Trust”

Blockchain is a huge opportunity to redefine trust in the OTC trade of commodities.

A forward contract acts as a bilateral agreement between two counterparties looking to buy or sell a commodity for a fixed price on a future date in a specific delivery location. Such contract is often manipulated and left unsettled, due to lack of liquidity or due to one party’s failure to meet the contractual obligation and deadline of the payment stated on the contract. ChainTrade solution will reinforce the use of forward contracts (delivery basis or cash settlement) by allowing the deployment of irrefutable and unalterable smart contracts to authenticate the contractual obligations between parties involved.

Price Optimization

Rely on the power of competition mechanisms (auction rules) as an alternative to reach better prices

List for free on the ChainTrade trading platform your own Forward Contract and reach potential buyers (importers) or sellers (exporters) from all over the world. ChainTrade enhances price fairness in unregulated and illiquid markets by leveraging the best features made natively available by the blockchain technology: transparency (public ledger) and immutability (cryptography signed by ChainTrade network participants and broadcast to all parties).

Physical Trade Execution: faster, less expensive

Moving papers and payment from A to B much faster, modernizing trade finance

Documents play a major role in international commodity trade. The process for “trading documents” in physical trade execution has been for ages paper and labor intensive, with multiple friction points, high processing costs, limited automation, and outdated tools. By having the buyer, seller, and third parties (brokerage firms, shipping and inspection companies, respective banks, etc.) on the same distributed ledger, all parties can simultaneously view, update and share data on the status of a physical delivery, documents issuance, and payments.

A Decentralized, Robust Infrastructure

When brokers become technical nodes of a decentralized network

As a new market facilitator, ChainTrade decentralized technical infrastructure will rely on a vast network of physical commodity brokers. While most blockchain projects are designed to eliminate the middleperson, we on the contrary believe in the role of independant commodity brokers and value their expertise. We want to help them reinvent their role (software solution distributor, “nodes”, “customer support”, “ledger control”, etc.), help them bring more value on the execution side of physical trades, make them an active operator inside the digital transformation of the global trade of commodities. To get a better understanding about how crypto trading rules the business trading world, take a quick look at https://bitcoinsupreme.net/ and play better in the trading field.


ChainTrade Physical is a software suite for players across the physical trade: a price discovery tool on one side, an execution tool on a permissioned ledger on the other side. ChainTrade relies on physical commodity brokers to market its software. ChainTrade Physical will also help brokers to reinforce their legitimacy within their industry by involving them more on execution and settlement of commodities contracts than they were so far.


ChainTrade Exchange is a decentralized platform to trade tokenized commodities. It is a cost-effective solution for authorities willing to create their own local commodities exchange for physical delivery (spot market and forward contracts) and for derivatives. It is currently based on smart contracts run on the open-source and decentralized Ethereum platform but some other technologies are currently under review too.

Core Team

Vincent Jacques
Vincent JacquesFounder – Chairman
Started his career in Investment Banking.
2 years at BCG as a Strategy Consultant
Successfully founded a $25m machine learning startup (Planorama)
Prior roles include CTO (managed 25 developers) and CEO (managed 90 people)
As a student, created a virtual trading platform for students to trade courses and other assets.
Robert Srong
Robert SrongBlockchain Solution Architect
Technical Lead at a major global bank (SG)
Advanced knowledge of bank software and financial software requirements
Blockchain developer and passionate
Sophia Sou
Sophia SouAsia Business Development
Graduated from UCLA
European MBA graduate
Worlwide experience from US, China, Europe
Global dynamic player
Global strategy, marketing, and customer relationship management
Michael Reynolds
Michael ReynoldsUS market Advisor
Over 15 years of futures and options trading experience in the commodity space including floor trading, hedge funds and physical trading. Holds a MBA from NYU Stern School of Business and currently directs financial trading in a niche commodity market for a large physical trading operation.
Douglas Pike
Douglas PikeTechnical Advisor
VeriCoin and Verium Co-founder and Lead Developer
Blockchain and protocol developer for 4+ years
Scientific programmer at Rutgers University for 7+ years
PhD candidate in Biophysics at Rutgers University
Mihai MileaTechnical Adviser
With 10 years of experience in global Forex & CFD brokerages, Mihai Milea has held various strategic positions in Technology and Digital Marketing. He has been directly involved in the delivery of innovative projects within the brokerage space and was directly responsible of achieving a positive ROI. While starting an Msc in Cyber Security, Mihai became an expert in mining cryptocurrencies and an avid crypto investor.
Minh Trinh
Minh TrinhAdviser
More than 10 years of experience in trading at various banks
Acute knowledge of all types of financial markets, including food and raw materials
Former Senior Consultant and Manager at Accenture
CAIA diploma (Chartered of Alternative Investment Analyst)
Studied at UCLA Anderson (MBA)
Oliver Prock
Oliver ProckAdviser
Founder & CEO at Salus Alpha Group – an innovative investment fund CIO at Salus Alpha Capital GmbH Chairman of AIFM Federation Austria.
Oliver has over 30 years of experience trading in various asset such as FX, options, futures, equity, commodities, complex OTC structured products and bonds. He has in-depth knowledge of most trading platforms available on the market today and developed algorithmic trading strategies himself and with his team for over 20 years. After gaining the necessary experience as fund manager, as well as constantly adapting to the latest developments in the fintech and blockchain industries, Oliver became blockchain evangelist.
Ugochukwu Ugbor
Ugochukwu UgborAdviser
Dr Ugbor is an accomplished professional with over seventeen years of international experience in knowledge management in the energy field, including at the IAEA, OPEC and SE for ALL.
Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP
Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLPLegal Counsel
Global law firm of more than 2,000 legal professionals, with offices in Singapore, Beijing, US, Brussels, Dubai, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, London, Moscow, Paris, Tokyo

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